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How do you get rid of Evaluation copy windows with watermarks 11(2022)

Evaluation copy windows with watermarks

How do you get rid of Evaluation copy windows with watermarks 11(2022)

I updated to Windows 11 on my computer and it was working fine for about a week.

I have installed the most recent Windows 11 feature and security updates exactly like a normal Windows update.

Then, I restarted my PC to complete the updates.


I noticed the Windows eleven evaluation copy’s watermark in the bottom left corner.

It was similar to the Windows 10 watermark.

I’m annoyed greatly because I am averse to this kind of annoying and unwelcome or, if you prefer, non-professional items that are appearing on my computer.

So I was searching for an answer to get rid of the windows 11’s evaluation of the watermark.

I found many similar terms on the internet, similar to the following keywords:

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How to remove the evaluation copy watermarks from Windows 11 registry

-Universal Watermark Disabler Windows 11 Download

The uwd download is available for Windows 11.

and many other terms that people seek out different methods to remove the evaluation copy watermarks from Windows 11.

Because I do not trust or rely on any single solution that displays a restart of your PC.

In any case, you can trust this article since I’m going provide a step by procedure on how to remove the evaluation copy watermarks on Windows 11 . Insider preview.

So let’s begin.

What is this watermark for an evaluation copy on Windows 11?

Windows 11 evaluation copy watermark displays the Windows build version, OS edition, and its version.

If it’s a beta release, then you may also see this watermark.

It’s not even listed on the Microsoft website about this particular problem due to a reason.

You’re running into this watermark Active windows. In the settings menu, you can activate windows. If you see this, you’ll see an error in activation.

Doesn’t that seem evident?

The reason you’re seeing this is that your windows 11 computer isn’t authentic or something went wrong within your operating system, which led to this watermark for evaluation copies on Windows 11 PC.

To prevent copying and piracy, Microsoft put these kinds of activation pop-ups and watermarks periodically.

As you’ve probably guessed, Windows 11 is still an operating system that is new and is required to be secured. I’m talking about privacy security.

It is the product and user authentication method that ensures whether the item or software you’re using is authentic and has been conforms to the policy of the company and user agreement as well.

And Microsoft employs a KMS key management system to implement this process.

If you’ve activated Windows 11, you won’t notice this and you don’t have to look for ways to remove the watermark on windows 11.

If you’re using an authentic Windows license key, but are experiencing this issue, then there’s something wrong or both. Microsoft itself or with your OS.

There is no need to be concerned about anything to do with windows activation. Windows is available for free, as you have you can, ha-ha.

In the end, we’re not discussing any other issue that activation. Since it’s an error message for activation.

Follow this guideline to get rid of the evaluation copy watermarks in windows 11.

How do I remove the watermarks of evaluation from windows 11?

There are five ways I discovered online when I was looking for ways to remove the evaluation copy watermark from Windows 11. Insider preview.

You can choose any of them to repair your windows 11 watermark issue.

These are the techniques that can help you remove the evaluation copy watermark from Windows 11-based PCs:

  • Windows License Key
  • Windows Tricks
  • Registry Editor
  • UWD
  • KMS
  • Script

Let’s go over each method in depth with step-by-step instructions.

Don’t worry! You can solve this Windows 11 issue with a watermark.

Let’s begin.

  1. Keep an eye out for the final stable version

It’s a simple watermark which shows an evaluation version of the insider preview of windows 11.

Simply put, the program is in a beta or an experimental version.

Just wait several days and you’ll receive an updated version of Windows.

You will receive the final version or stable version for Windows 11. Windows 11.

After you have updated the windows on your computer, you could take away the windows 11 watermark.

  1. Windows Trick: Simple access settings

Do you know that you can get windows into removing the evaluation copy watermark from windows 11 in the hope that it removes it in the future?

I didn’t even know at the beginning of windows 11.

After reading about it the forums on Reddit, Quora, and various others, I came across some windows techniques or adjustments that could or may not assist you get rid of any watermarks from Windows 11 insider preview build.

This isn’t a sure solution, but it was successful on windows 10, therefore it could work with windows 11. just an hunch.


  1. Open control panel
  2. Create “view via” for large images
  3. Visit the ease of Access center
  4. Choose Make it more accessible to users
  5. Scroll down and choose this option To remove background images (where they are available)
  6. Restart your computer

That’s it.

This is the Windows setting trick I discovered on forums to get rid of the windows 11’s watermark for evaluation copies.

If this method doesn’t work, you, you can try the next method.

We also have other options too.

  1. Registry Editor

This is a different technique to trick windows into removing windows 11’s mark.

However, if you follow the exact steps I’m about to teach you, or else you could use Registry Editor.

Below are steps you can take to get rid of the Windows 11 watermark by using the registry

  1. Open Windows search box and search for Regedit.
  2. Now go to this location: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop
  3. On the right you’ll see a variety of keys, values, and entries. Find the Paint Desktop Version
  4. Double-click on the link to display it.
  5. Then change this value by 4, and click Ok.
  6. Restart Your PC

That’s it.

It can trick the Windows desktop by modifying the registry value.

Regedit or is actually Windows body.

You’re practically able to do everything in this regedit, in the event that you know the rules of the game.

Do not be stupid and alter any random value in the belief that you’re the incarnation of Einstein.

I’m not responsible in the event that you commit a crime. The blame lies with you.

Don’t be concerned about any of that as long as you’re following my directions in the right way.

The problem will be solved and you can do what I suggested.

  1. Universal Watermark Disabler

The name is the best indicator The name is the most important thing, right?

This is a simple program that will allow users to remove the Windows 11’s watermark.

It’s as simple as one click and will get rid of the evaluation copy watermarks from windows 11 instantly.

It will open a new tab where the user can install Universal Watermark Disabler for windows 11.

Simply download Universal Watermark Disabler and follow these steps that will assist you to get rid of the evaluation copy watermarks on Windows 11 PC.

Steps :

  1. The first step is to disable your antivirus (It might block the subsequent steps)
  2. Download UWD
  3. Start the file, then Run it.
  4. Click on the Install button
  5. Sign out of the windows.
  6. Restart your PC , then sign in
  7. Return to the UWD
  8. Click on uninstall to remove
  9. Restart YOUR PC
  10. Done!

This is the most efficient method to get rid of the windows 11 watermarks. Users have reported this on YouTube and forums, as well.

It’s a good idea to try it.

  1. Notepad trick

Yes you’re reading it right.

It’s hilarious how this basic notepad can get rid of the Windows 11 watermark.

You do not have to write an article in the notepad.

Create an executable batch file which will execute a script using certain commands.

Does it sound like a lot of work?

It’s not that simple.

Let’s take a look at the steps clearly.


  1. Open notepad
  2. Copy-paste these commands now:

@echo off
deskill /F/IM explorer.exe

  1. Click on File and then click Save as
  2. Make sure you name everything you wish using your .batextension and select save as type for all files.

For instance, windows 11 watermark remover.bat

  1. Save the file to the Desktop
  2. Start on the desktop. Right-click the batch file, and then run as administrator.
  3. Then, restart your computer.

That’s it.

Numerous users posted that on Reddit that this was the easiest way to get rid of the Windows 11’s watermark.

It’s still in operation because Microsoft hasn’t yet noticed it.

  1. Windows License Key

This is an easy solution if you’re experiencing this problem due to non-licensed windows.

Versions of Windows that have been patched or pirated may work for a while however should Microsoft detects it, you’ll be able to see the Windows 11 is a problem with the watermark.

As I stated earlier the watermark for this evaluation copy in Windows 11 only indicates the current Windows build version, and not its alternative.

Some users on the internet have complained that they were experiencing this because of unlicensed windows.

After activating the windows the irritating windows 11 watermark was gone completely.

It concludes that if possess a Windows license key, or if your windows is definitely activated in any way then you must remove the watermark of an evaluation copy from Windows 11 PC.

Therefore, it’s best to buy the license key to activate windows 11 properly.

  1. KMS

KMS Tool is an activation tool created to enable Windows PCs.

Download KMS, the KMS tool for Windows 11 by searching through the Google search.

You can also view YouTube for instructions on instructions on how to download and use KMS. KMS tool.

  1. Script

Did you recall the batch file that we had before?

This time, you’ll need to prepare an activate script.

You can now make it by yourself, surely?

Here’s the batch file. Once you have created this batch file you will need be able to execute it using an administrator.

All command will execute by the CMD.

You don’t need to do anything extraordinary.

You can follow the instructions on screen and, when you’re done you will receive a success message.

Then, restart your computer.

It will enable your Windows and remove the watermarks for evaluation copies off of Windows 11.

What is the best way to get rid of Windows 11’s assessment copy’s copy watermark?

In reality, all of these strategies are closely linked in order to eliminate the evaluation copy watermarks on Windows PC.

If you’re looking for the most efficient method of working choose Method 3 and 4.

The two methods are the most effective to remove the evaluation copy watermarks on windows 11 PC.

UWD functions as an application, so it’s going to work at least until Microsoft stops it from doing so.

Some are simply well-known tricks that might or may not work based on the present situation of your computer.

This is why I suggest you test each method.

Then, follow the procedure until the end. Then, restart your computer to see whether the issue has been resolved.

If this worked, great If not, then move to the next option.

It’s as simple as that.

Do you have to deal with this issue once more?

I’m not sure.


Microsoft has never made any announcements regarding this watermark that was used for an evaluation copy on Windows 11 PC’s insider build.

However, they advised that If you’re seeing this error that this means that the version you’re using is in a Beta state.

This will be removed immediately after installing the stable version.

Windows 11 updates in the final version.

Don’t stress about it.

If you’re looking to resolve it now, you can use the above ways to get rid of the watermarks for evaluation copies in Windows 11.


What is the reason Microsoft has to force this test copy watermark to be placed on Windows 11 PCs?

I’ve said before that this is a test version.

They are currently testing the latest Windows 11 build.

Microsoft is collecting bug or crash information from around the world, based on various Windows 11 versions. Windows 11.

In order to correct the errors with the next update.

To find out which version is responsible for the issue, they’re using this Windows 11 watermark on the evaluation copy.

Therefore, you do not have to be concerned about it.

Is it safe to remove the the watermark of an evaluation copy on Windows Insider Preview of 11?

It is healthy and safe.

You can take off the watermarks for evaluation from the insider preview of Windows 11 build at any time and without any hassle.

It’s not as if Microsoft will ban you from using a Windows PC.

Don’t be concerned about it.


If you’re looking for the conclusion, here is the answer.

You can choose any one of the methods above to get rid of the watermarks from evaluation copies on Windows 11 PC.

Don’t fret about Microsoft. They won’t punish you for using these techniques.

It’s completely secure.

Don’t have any anxiety.


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